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The Urban Governance Research Network serves as an academic platform for researchers to share, co-produce and co-create knowledge on the topic of urban governance. 


Urban Governance Research Network members are focused on producing research and insights on the topic of urban governance by establishing interdisciplinary bridges. Our network works in three research themes, Planning+Property, Space+Society, and Law+Policy, where members specialize in particular research areas. And from these conversations, we organize interdisciplinary events and activities on urban governance.

Planning + Property Theme

The Planning+Property theme members comprise a wide range of dynamic researchers who are interested in the intersections between planning and property. Connecting academics from different disciplines, public sector planners, and property industry actors lies at the heart of the theme group.

Space + Society Theme

The Space+Society theme members work to see space as a social construct and explore the built environment as a symbiotic product of the interaction between people and space. Team members develop their research and work to understand complex and dynamic interactions through a critical lens.

Law +
Policy Theme

The Law+Policy theme members are interested in the relationships between law and policy within the context of urban governance. Team members are frequently found in deep, theoretical debates on the foundational concepts and terms that shape how we understand, interact with, and govern urban spaces.

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