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The Urban Governance Research Network (UGoveRN) is committed to rethinking how we can better govern urban spaces by bolstering the roles and research of  interdisciplinary scholars on the topic of urban governance.


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As an early-career scholar working within urban governance, I found it difficult to network and build strong relationships with others working in the urban governance field. Soon after being appointed as Professor of Urban Governance and Planning at the University of Amsterdam, I launched UGoveRN to help bridge disciplinary focuses on the topic of urban governance, with the underlying aim to build strong and long-lasting relationships and innovative insights between researchers and practitioners in the field. UGoveRN contributes to interdisciplinary urban governance studies by generating and sharing academic knowledge and supporting early-career scholars in this field through member-initiated activities today. I believe in the importance of bringing academic knowledge to the reach of society and UGoveRN serves to this purpose, on top of delivering academic excellence.
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