Sara özOgul

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences
University of Amsterdam

My research centres around spatial governance and planning processes, which I approach from two different – but arguably interconnected – angles: property market dynamics and social policy. In my current position as a postdoctoral researcher in the WHIG Project (What Is Governed in Cities: Landscapes and the Governance and Regulation of Housing Production) at the University of Amsterdam, I am exploring investment flows into residential property and the governance arrangements and public policy instruments that are designed to regulate them in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area.

Previously, as part of the DIVERCITIES Project (Governing Urban Diversity: Creating social cohesion, social mobility and economic performance in today’s hyper-diversified cities), I analysed socio-spatial policies and governance arrangements affecting individuals and groups suffering from socio-economic deprivation in Toronto. In my PhD dissertation Transformative Spatial Governance: New avenues for comprehensive planning in fragmented urban development, I employed an explicit public sector planning perspective and sought new ways to link complex spatial governance practices underpinning fragmented urban development. I distinctly considered the interconnections between delineated property-driven development projects and scattered micro-scale social efforts, and argued that public sector planners can still crucially influence urban development, not in the traditional sense by being in command but by creating possibilities for linkages between fragmented actions in spatial governance.

Sara Ozogul